Toronto mayor's brother upset at suggestion women take up golf
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Toronto mayor’s brother upset at suggestion women take up golf

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a rather outspoken man. But don't underestimate the ability of his brother, Toronto councilman Doug Ford, to pontificate.

Doug Ford railed against John Tory, a potential challenger to his brother's post, for comments Tory made suggesting women learn to play golf to help them move up in the working world.

“He should be apologizing to every single female in this country for comments like that. It’s disgusting,” Ford said Wednesday, according to the National Post.

“My advice [to women] is focus on your job, work hard, and aim for the top,” said Councillor Ford. “I don’t agree with his comments. Since he’s part of the 1%, and he’s part of the establishment and he’s part of the elites, and the 1%, that’s his theory of being successful. Join the golf course, join the private club. Be with the elitist, be with the establishment and then you’ll all be rich after. That’s a bunch of nonsense.”

Tory, who was speaking more broadly on his view of the gender pay gap in Toronto and Canada, said, “I’ll say to people right now, young women, learn how to play golf.

"You will find it is immensely advantageous to your career that you can go out, and you know if you play a good game of golf as a women, I believe it is hugely helpful.”

While that seems like a great commercial for golf, that seems like a gross oversimplification of the problems women face in Canada and the United States in earning equal pay for equal work.

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