Where is the 2014 Web.com Tour schedule?

Where is the 2014 Web.com Tour schedule?

It's Jan. 8, 2014, and the Web.com Tour is yet to produce an official schedule. What gives?

Well, for one thing, the Panama Claro Championship, which has been the kickoff to the tour's season and it's early-year Latin America Swing for the last three seasons, is no more. PGA Tour veteran Aron Price tweeted Jan. 3 that the tournament has been postponed.

It's unclear what difficulties with the schedule preclude the tour from releasing the '14 docket, however, the unveiling is well behind the dates of recent precedent. The 2013 schedule was released Dec. 12, 2012; the '11 and '12 schedules were shared Dec. 15 of the previous years. However, the 2010 then-Nationwide Tour schedule was unfurled on Jan. 11 of the same year -- a schedule consisting of 28 events.