Watch a pilot make emergency landing on a golf course
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Watch a pilot make emergency landing on a golf course

Speaking from personal experience, when the single-engine plane you're piloting starts to go down (even if it's a drill), it's really scary. But the first thing you're taught to do is to look for a place to land the bird. A golf course will do nicely.

That's precisely where this pilot chose to land his plane when his engine failed. At about the 1:20 mark, the pilot even has the courtesy to yell "Look out!" and "Fore!" to golfers down on the course where he eventually lands smoothly. Fortunately, not only was the pilot fine, but his front-mounted camera captures all the action.

After his plane comes to a halt, the pilot radios that he has landed safely, then begins speaking with someone off camera who was clearly on the course. The pilot explains the situation, saying it wasn't the cleanest of landings, but that he's "sorry if [he] spoiled [their] golf."

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