The Sound of Golf: A golf musical whose time has come?
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The Sound of Golf: A golf musical whose time has come?

Country star Carrie Underwood received mixed reviews for her effort on NBC's "The Sound of Music: Live" broadcast in November. She sang wonderfully, but she has the acting prowess of Al Gore.

Probably well aware that 18 million people watched the TV revival of the classic musical, a Wisconsin creative agency shared its rendition of the Rodgers and Hammerstein masterpiece.

EPIC Creative was looking for a way to promote its 15th annual golf outing in September, and they couldn't think of a more entertaining way to do it than to spoof "The Sound of Music" with "The Sound of Golf."

"The Sound of Golf" features the Von SandTrapp family being wooed by a nun-turned-nanny who teaches them the ways of the game.

It's kind of surprising how easily so many of the song lyrics and rhythms could easily be engineered to work for a golf theme.

The Sound of Music
The hills are alive/
with the sound of golf/
My arms want to swing/
with my brand new Ping

How do you solve a problem/
like a duck hook?
How do you keep your eyes/
on the ball?
How do you dig yourself/
out of a sand trap?
Leaving it short?
Lipping it out?

Oh, a beer, I need a beer
Pray I won't land in the pond
Duff, a name I call myself
Far, I wish I hit my drives

My Favorite Things
Tee shots that stay on the fairway when landing
A 40-foot putt puts me first in the standing
Good shots from bunkers, a new set of Pings
These are a few of my favorite things

16 Going on 17
I'm on 16, going on 17/
Time for a brand new sleeve<

It's all very well done. But, believe it or not, there's already a musical with a golf theme. Not-so creatively titled "Golf: The Musical," the show attempts to "celebrate the fun, frustration and elation of (the) popular sport."

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for Kenny Loggins to get his act together and write the "Caddyshack" musical.

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