Steve Williams to become part-time caddie after 2014

Steve Williams to become part-time caddie after 2014

The Steve Stricker Plan isn't just for golfers (or guys named Steve); it's for caddies, too. Steve Williams will be scaling back how often he caddies beginning with the end of 2014.

''Next year will be 36 years,'' Williams said to The Age. ''I like 36, it's a nice number, it's a golf number."

According to the report, Williams has told his current bag, reigning Masters champion Adam Scott, that he's willing to continue caddying for bigger events, like the majors and some other PGA Tour events. That leaves Scott with a decision to go the Ernie Els route and have multiple caddies he can turn to depending on the event, working with former NHL player Dan Quinn sometimes or Ricky Roberts.

If that arrangement wouldn't work for Scott, it would mean parting ways with Williams after three-and-a-half very successful years together.

The Kiwi caddie intends to spend time in his native New Zealand during the fall and winter months in the United States, pursuing his other interests and enjoying the Southern Hemisphere summer.