Lindsey Vonn on Tiger Woods: He's 'dorky' and 'funny'
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Lindsey Vonn on Tiger Woods: He’s ‘dorky’ and ‘funny’ [VIDEO]

Lindsey Vonn thinks Tiger Woods is a dork, but a funny dork.

That's what Vonn said in describing the world No. 1 to Katie Couric in a taping for her daytime talk show "Katie," which airs Nov. 5.

"He's funny," Vonn said. "I don't know. He's really laid back. He's a great guy, always making jokes. Very competitive, just like me. I don't know. We have very similar personalities.

"If there's one thing I could say, he's funny. He's goofy, like dorky, goofy. He's probably not going to be very excited I just said that."

When at Stanford, Woods did earn the nickname "Urkel," in reference to the lovable dork Steve Urkel from the ABC family sitcom "Family Matters." In the end, Urkel lands Laura, the girl of his dreams, so maybe it's not so bad to be that guy.

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