Wild pigs destroying San Jose country club

Wild pigs destroying San Jose country club

A San Jose country club is being taken over by swine -- and that's not a social commentary.

Wild pigs have been ravaging the grounds at Almaden C.C. for weeks, and the club hasn't figured out how to thwart them. The pigs are digging up turf, causing the closure of the club's third green and forcing grounds crews to re-seed pig-punished areas.

The pigs come down from the surrounding Quicksilver mountains at night, leaving nasty surprises in the morning.


Staff have erected fences, treated grass with potentially stymieing chemicals and tried to block off a route they believe the pigs take to the course. Some workers have taken overnight shifts with the aim of intimidating the pigs away from the property.

According to NBC Bay Area, the course could seek a depredation permit to trap and kill the pigs. A biologist would determine if the club could have the permit.