Steve Jones gives DX 'suck it' sign after final birdie at SAS Championship

Steve Jones gives DX ‘suck it’ sign after final birdie at SAS Championship

The Champions Tour is a more relaxed atmosphere than the PGA Tour, for both players and fans. That usually means the older players interact a little bit differently than they would when they were younger.

An example? 1996 U.S. Open champion Steve Jones.

Jones was playing the final round of the SAS Championship in Cary, N.C., on Sunday with Mike Goodes and Scott Hoch. After sinking his birdie putt at the last hole -- marking two birdies in a row to close the tournament -- Jones gave the D-Generation X crotch chop (the "suck it!' sign) after the ball disappeared into the hole, according to a fan witness who didn't capture a picture of the 90s moment in action.

Steve Jones closed with 69 -- his second straight day of improving over the prior round by a shot -- to finish in the top 20 for the week.

Jones isn't the only professional athlete to use the crotch chop as a symbol of success. Perhaps most flamboyantly, bowler Pete Weber does the crotch chop when he is throwing the ball well.

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