Man shows how to pop a wheelie in a golf cart

Man shows how to pop a wheelie in a golf cart

There probably shouldn't be an instruction video on how to perform a golf-cart wheelie, but here's one recently uploaded to YouTube.

These guys back up a golf cart down the path, smash the breaks as hard as they can and lean back. Then, presto, the cart does a back-wheelie, sending the front of the cart high into the air.

But, these guys aren't innovators. No, they're just the latest in a line of people turning golf carts into BMW bikes with beautiful wheelies.

Here's a great wheelie from a golf-cart dealer, showing how to turn a cart into a drag racer.

This, however, is the best golf-cart wheelie video on YouTube. It features two guys: One drives the cart with his foot after his buddy pulls the cart back into wheelie positions and rides out the whole stunt.

This last video may be the gold standard for golf-cart wheelies, uploaded seven years ago and with 150,000 views.