Dick Fowler P.I. falls in love in latest episode

Dick Fowler P.I. falls in love in latest episode

The adventures of Dick Fowler, P.I., are well chronicled at this point. The video series featuring Rickie Fowler as a golfer-turned-investigator has been a hit, quite literally, as Fowler has thwarted the asinine behavior of a trio of rule-breaking hackers.

In Episode 4, however, Fowler falls for a rule-bending babe that steals his heart.

The video begins with Fowler in a bunker, investigating a footprint that wasn't raked. He realizes, by rubbing the sand in his mouth no less, that the culprit is a young woman. Turns out, the twist is the woman is right outside of the bunker, looking fan-blown and wonderful. Fowler and the woman, Vickie, name monogrammed on her shirt, catch eyes and some kind of original 80s-style love ballad plays.

And Fowler's sidekick, "The Caddie," knows his man has fallen hard.

An email to Tiger Woods asking for comment on this video was not returned.