Here's a closest-to-the-pin contest that you've never seen before

Here’s a closest-to-the-pin contest that you’ve never seen before

You've probably been in a closest-to-the-pin contest once or twice in your life. The rules are simple: Every participant gets a certain number of shots, and the one that hits the shot closest to the pin wins.

But have you ever been in a closest-to-the-pin contest where you didn't have to hit a single golf shot?

That's what happened at Green Mountain National G.C. in Vermont on Thursday.

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sport, an organization which helps people with any disability enjoy sports, held a closest-to-the-pin raffle to raise money for a new facility. For $10, you could buy one of 5,000 golf balls, all numbered. Then on Sept. 19, a helicopter would take all 5,000 golf balls into the air and fly them over top of a green at Green Mountain National. All of the balls were dropped on the green. The person who had bought the ball that landed closest to the pin won $5,000.

Now, if you want to hop in a helicopter to actually hit a golf shot closest to the pin, then you're going to want to head to South Africa. Legends Golf & Safari Resort offers a par-3 19th hole whose tee is 1,400 feet off the ground. The hole is 630 yards long, but the wait for the result is excruciating: 30 seconds from tee shot to touchdown.