Greg Norman blames 1996 Masters choke on back injury

Greg Norman blames 1996 Masters choke on back injury

How does a man like Greg Norman blow a six-shot lead at the 1996 Masters and turn it into a five-shot loss?

More than 17 years after that happened, the Australian blames a Sunday back injury for his demise on that agonizing Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club.

In Part 2 of the Australian Broadcasting Company's "Australian Story" focusing on Norman, the Shark explains his injury.

"There's more to it than people realize because I did have back issues that morning," Norman said "I tried to walk it off but I couldn't. I told my coach, 'Today's not going to be easy.'"

Norman took the loss to Nick Faldo hard, saying he wept while taking some time off after the stinging defeat.

"I disappeared down to the beach after the U.S. Masters and lay on the beach and cried," Norman said, "because I felt like I'd completely screwed up winning a tournament that I wanted to win."