Ninja Golf: Mastering the game with martial arts
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Ninja Golf: Mastering the game with martial arts

When you think about it long enough, and after having drank enough, golf and the martial arts are a lot alike.

They both require great hand-eye coordination, precision, discipline and strength. So why not, then, implement some martial arts into the golf swing?

That's precisely what this golfer did in a video published to YouTube four days ago, following through with the golf club like it was a pair of nunchucks.

Yahoo! picked up on the video, suggesting maybe Tiger Woods or Charles Barkley (wow, what a gap) could benefit from some karate in their lives and games. Turns out, though, that this video is 19 months old, uploaded by a user noburyuu327. It's his only video, but it got over 111,000 views.

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