Jack Nicklaus: Tiger Woods' major problems are mental
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Jack Nicklaus: Tiger Woods’ major problems are mental

Jack Nicklaus still believes Tiger Woods will, at a minimum, pull closer to his mark of 18 major victories. How many more and when, however, are questions the Golden Bear cannot answer.

"Will he win more majors? I think so. When? I don't know," said Nicklaus, according to Sky Sports.

Nicklaus, however, believes the issue is all mental for Woods, especially considering Woods' PGA Tour-best four wins in 2013 and seven in the last two seasons.

"I don't know what is happening between his ears," Nicklaus said. "Each person handles things differently. Winning four times this year, he had to have something working in those tournaments. Something prevented him from winning the majors that have been played so far."

It turns out that it's not Tiger's putting that's the culprit for his struggles.

It might seem like Tiger's playing worse on Sundays in majors than ever. He is.

In his last six majors played, Woods has performed well in the weekday rounds, playing in 11 under par. Weekends are a different story entirely, however, as Woods is 23 over par -- a 34-shot difference.

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