Waste away at Margaritaville at the Wyndham Championship

Waste away at Margaritaville at the Wyndham Championship

For those attending the Wyndham Championship next month, a trip to Margaritaville will be a short one.

The tournament announced Tuesday it has re-conceived its Wyndham Boardwalk from last year's championship and rebranded it Margaritaville. The Jimmy Buffett-branded restaurant/bar will be found under a tent located between the clubhouse and first tee at Sedgefield Country Club.

Of course, Buffett music will be playing from the Sirius-XM Radio Margaritaville station, while Buffett-inspired Landshark beer will be poured and, yes, Buffett-named Cheeseburgers in Paradise will be sold.

The tournament will continue to have the Wyndham beach by the 15th hole, adding Margaritaville as the tournament aims to continue to present a tropical theme to the tournament.

This is the latest in ideas aimed at making golf tournaments more enjoyable for fans, especially those that are coming more for a party than a golf exhibition.

Hopefully no one will find a salt shaker on the golf course.