'Are you color blind?': Rickie Fowler mocks self in ESPN ad (VIDEO)
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‘Are you color blind?’: Rickie Fowler in ESPN ‘This is Sportscenter’ ad

To the uninitiated golf fan, Rickie Fowler's all-orange Sunday outfits are a mystery. Why would a guy dress like a traffic cone on purpose?

(Turns out, it's a fashion ode to Oklahoma State, where he went to college.)

Fowler, whose look thousands of young (and a few hilariously older) fans emulate, took a self-effacing angle to his fashion sense in the latest ESPN "This is Sportscenter" ad.

The scene is Fowler walking into the break room at the Worldwide Leader to grab a cup of coffee, where Sportscenter anchor John Anderson already is.

Fowler complains he hasn't been sleeping well and needs some coffee to perk up his day. Anderson points out Fowler grabs the pot with the orange handle, indicating its decaffeinated coffee. Fowler denies it isn't. Anderson asks if Fowler is color blind. Fowler says he isn't. Then he grabs some orange juice, mistaking it for milk, and puts it in the decaf coffee. When he drinks it, Fowler immediately spits it out, complaining the milk has gone bad.

The acting isn't great -- it never is in these spots -- but it's a hilarious look at the flat-brimmed one.

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Meanwhile, you can judge Fowler's color-blindness for yourself. Here's what he's wearing this week at the 2013 Open Championship.

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