Bubba Watson on Tiger Woods: No "fear factor" with him

Bubba Watson on Tiger Woods: No “fear factor” with him

When Tiger Woods is winning at a prolific rate, like he is right now, the world No. 1 is thought to strike fear in the hearts of his fellow competitors. When he's not winning, it's just the opposite.

Bubba Watson contended in a recent interview with The Huffington Post (never thought I'd write that phrase cause, whodathunkit) that, at least for him, Woods has never frightened him.

"Truthfully, I've never felt a fear factor with him," Watson said. "The media has talked about that. It's one of those things -- like the U.S. Open -- nobody feared who was in the field. Everybody fears that golf course."

Watson believes his peers fear personal failure more than any player and their ability.

"I think people fear a bad shot," he said. "When I'm trying to chase down the stretch on a Sunday afternoon, I'm trying to make a 10-footer. I'm not thinking about who's on the leaderboard. I'm think about, I'm one back, I'm two back."

The 2012 Masters winner did say, however, that when Woods does not play well, there's an expectation that he was hurt.

He said, "Obviously, when he doesn't play at his highest level, you're like: 'Well, he didn't feel right and he's not going to tell anybody.'"