Ian Poulter takes to Twitter to find new putter
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Ian Poulter takes to Twitter to find new putter

If a pro golfer needs a new putter, access to a flat stick is not a problem. Just show up to any practice green at any tournament. Manufacturers' reps are stalking the greens with their wears beautifully displayed just off the fringe.

The transaction is simple: Walk up to the bag, check out a putter and swipe one. It's yours.

But, Ian Poulter wanted to be a little different, so he turned to Twitter to solicit a new putter in public view.

Following his T-25 finish at last week's French Open, Poulter tweeted he was on the look out to replace his Odyssey XG No. 7, the very putter that was in his hands for the epic European comeback at last fall's Ryder Cup.

"I am sacking my putter, I will use a new putter at the Open," he tweeted. "Putter manufacturers please send me some to try to my IJP office please. I'm not blaming the putter, I'm saying I want to use a new one. Every time I change I've had big success with a new look. Just some times you just need to look down on something new. And it's time. I holed 2 birdie putts today. 1 was 12" and the other 4". It's my Ryder Cup putter and I think it needs a rest in my trophy cabinet. Time for a change. Need a good visual for the Open."

It's unclear how many putters Poulter has received, or if he's begun the process of elimination. We'll keep you posted.


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