Golf instructor uses double entendre to get students

Golf instructor uses double entendre to get students

In the golf capital of Tennessee, you'd think it wouldn't be too tough to lure in hackers. But swingers? Well, that's a whole other ball of wax.

A golf teacher in Crossville, Tenn., is trying to grow her roll of students, so she turned to newspaper advertising to share her services. However, Karen McMeekin may have used the wrong term to get a reader's attention.


"Calling All Swingers!" is the headline for her ad in the Crossville Chronicle. (If you're not familiar with what swinging is, Google is your friend. Skip the results about dancing.) That's a little odd, but a double entendre never hurt anybody.

Then there's the tagline at the end: "Where it's safe to be a swinger."

And now I'm wondering if this is a regional dialect issue, or maybe McMeekin is really trying to appeal to a very specific segment of golfers.

No matter what McMeekin does behind closed doors, or hitting bays, she runs an animal-rescue nonprofit, so that's good.