Golfers have to dodge bullets at golf course north of Boston
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Golfers have to dodge bullets at golf course north of Boston

Golfers are used to throwing darts on the course, not dodging bullets, but the latter is precisely what some Boston-area players had to do Friday.

A group was playing at Far Corner Golf Course in Boxford, Mass., when players saw bullets flying over their heads, according to WBZ-TV.

Turns out that a 28-year-old was taking aim at targets on his farm next to the course. Unfortunately, Corey Willis (a) is not that good of a shot and (b) had set up targets that were in line with the golf course. Willis shot 50 rounds toward the golf course.

“I could hear it first. It went zip boom!” said Ted Snell, whose group had to run for cover. “There were shots fired there was no question about that. He had a semi-automatic and it went bang, bang, bang."

He added, “It’s something that gives you pause. We are not used to playing under that kind of handicap."

“Bullets came flying across the fairway — five or six maybe — before it stopped,” said Vincent Dalessandro, Jr., according to the Eagle-Tribune. “I’ve got enough trouble with my golf game, I don’t need that.”

To be fair, the three nine-hole courses at Far Corner are called Fox, Heron and Hawk.

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