'Star Wars' inspiration for Justin Rose, Phil Mickelson & other pros

‘Star Wars’ inspiration for Justin Rose, Phil Mickelson & other pros

After Justin Rose won the U.S. Open on Sunday at Merion Golf Club, Rose admitted to Golf World that mental coach Gio Valiante encouraged him to think about a line from the "Star Wars" saga.

The line? From Yoda in "The Empire Strikes Back": "Do or do not. There is no try."

Well, turns out a bunch of other golfers took advice from the George Lucas series, including Phil Mickelson, Luke Donald and Tiger Woods.

Phil Mickelson's advice came from Admiral Ackbar for thinking that he could finally win a U.S. Open.

Or this advice from C-3PO.

Luke Donald didn't figure much in the final round, so maybe he was still shocked by this revelation.

Donald didn't lose his hand, but he practically did with that nasty lie on the 18th hole on Saturday. Yikes.

Zenmaster and golf teacher Sean Foley may have said this line from C-3PO to Tiger Woods after Justin Rose became the first of his stable to win a major championship.

After Tiger Woods posted his highest 72-hole score as a pro in the U.S. Open, he may have considered Luke Skywalker's thoughts on approaching the Death Star and compared them to his quest for Jack Nicklaus' major tally.

A few words from Yoda had to have popped in Steve Stricker's head after he put two out of bounds at the par-5 second on Sunday, including a shanked wedge. After all, the guy is 46 years old and semi-retired.