Samuel L. Jackson, actor, gives a golf lesson, sort of
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Samuel L. Jackson, actor, gives a golf lesson, sort of

Purely based on the persona he plays in nearly every film in which he appears, Samuel L. Jackson should be a terrible golf instructor.

Imagine him trying to get you to fix that slice of yours after you haven't listened to him for the 10th time in a row.

"I'm tired of seeing that mother-f'in flying elbow on this mother-f'in driving range!"

Or something like that.

Turns out, with the right student, he's pretty gentle.

ITN produced a video feature Samuel L. Jackson, somewhere in the British isles, teaching an obnoxiously naive presenter named Poppy Jamie how to play golf. You can take or leave the presenter, but Jackson is outstanding.

In showing Jamie how to grip the club and address the ball, he doesn't pull the first-date-stand-behind-the-girl-and-show-her-it's-all-in-the-hips move. Then he offers a very simple first lesson: "Watch the club, hit the ball." After an expected lousy result, Jackson assures the student that most often, people whiff on their first swing. Don't know if that's true or not, but I bought it. (Acting!)

The next lesson is from the fairway, where Jamie doesn't know she can't use a tee, or as she calls it, "a hitter-off-er." Jackson corrects her with the proper golf parlance, but in a likable way.

When Jamie stubs her fairway wood, he accentuates the positive: the ball went forward and she took a divot.

"Golfers take divots. That's what we do," he says, now making Jamie feel included.

And Jackson uses some trademark profanity to end the lesson, calling his student "one awesome motherf-ing golfer."

Where do we sign up for the Samuel L. Jackson Golf School?

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