Report: PGA Tour close to taking over Canadian Tour

Report: PGA Tour close to taking over Canadian Tour

As "The Simpsons" once said, Canada is America Junior. If that's the case, then the PGA Tour is about to make the Canadian Tour into PGA Tour Junior.

According to a report in Global Golf Post, the PGA Tour is set to take over the Canadian Tour in October.

Under terms of the deal, the Canadian Tour would be renamed the PGA Tour of Canada - similar in nomenclature to PGA Tour Latinoamerica, which the PGA Tour formed this year after taking over the Tour de las Americas.

PGA Tour Latinoamerica will offer Tour status to high finishers on its money list. It is anticipated the Canadian Tour would do the same if officially taken over by the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour bailed out the Canadian Tour with emergency financing for this season after the long-running smaller tour lost $700,000 in operations a year ago.

The deal, however, reportedly is not done until a vote of the PGA Tour board in October.