Man lies to board plane to seek Arnold Palmer's autograph

Man lies to board plane to seek Arnold Palmer’s autograph

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

A better question for a golf fan: what would you do to get Arnold Palmer's autograph?

For a Wisconsin man, his limit was lying to board a chartered plane.

A man arrived to the airport in Rochester, Minn., on Tuesday, telling officials he had to get a piece of baggage to a passenger on a chartered flight carrying Arnold Palmer. Escorted to the plane, the man quickly shed the ruse and sought out Mr. Palmer's autograph, according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

Police were phoned in to investigate the situation. The man was asked to leave the property and await police arrival for questioning. He sped off in his car, apparently in violation of no law.

It's unclear if the man got Palmer's autograph, who competed in an exhibition at the 3M Championship on the Champions Tour last weekend.

Little did the man probably know that Palmer's autograph is one of the easiest to come by in the game. Just ask nicely.