Gambling isn't allowed at Bushwood, but prostitutes are at N.Y. club

Gambling isn’t allowed at Bushwood, but prostitutes are at N.Y. club

Being a member of a country club has its benefits, but usually has nothing to do with a man's member - that is, unless you allegedly belong to Tam O’Shanter Golf Club on Long Island.

The club has been slapped with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint, in which a former employee accused the club of hiring prostitutes and strippers to entertain male members during a tournament, then banning staffers from telling the members' wives about the fiasco.

Former bartender Justin Williams said the tournament would feature a different stripper on each hole, then make prostitutes available afterward for sexual activities in various parts of the clubhouse. Female employees were asked to go home before the extracurricular - and, likely, extramarital - stuff started.

Williams claims to the New York Post he was also subject to sexual harassment from a male dishwasher and asked to disguise lower-grade booze as top-shelf liquor for sale.

The club denied comment to the paper.