Player supports bifurcation in the Rules of Golf

Player supports bifurcation in the Rules of Golf

Gary Player said Wednesday he disagrees with the game's ruling bodies that amateurs and professionals play the same game, with the same equipment.

Therefore, the South African said, amateurs and professionals should play under different rules.

"See, this is the one disagreement I have with the R&A, and I'm a big fan of the R&A, they say it's the same game and I say it's a different game," Player said Wednesday at the Senior Open Championship.

"Go watch Tiger Woods tee off, go watch these guys tee off, it's not the same game at all.  They use different clubs.  They use different balls. They say they are using the same ball? No, they are not.  They are using the same clubs? No, they are not.  They are not using the same clubs.  These guys have got longer shots and these guys have got balls that have different flights."

Player believe the weekend hacker should be allowed to use whatever equipment it takes to improve.

"Let the amateurs have all of the technology and let them use the long putter and let them do what they like. "

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