Easy 4: Els' surprise win nets punter $32,830

Easy 4: Els’ surprise win nets punter $32,830

With four holes to play in the Open Championship, the world practically considered Adam Scott a lock to win the Claret Jug. One prescient bettor, however, saw an opportunity to make a whole lot of money riding on easy 4.

(Let's stop here for a second. "Easy 4" is an allusion to craps, where you roll dice trying to hit a particular number while avoiding 7. "Easy" means rolling an even number without rolling the same number on each die. For four, that means one and three.)

On the wagering site Betfair, a gambler found someone offering 469-to-1 odds on Els to win the Open Championship while Scott stood on the 15th tee. The bettor put down $70 on Els to win. An hour later, Els was the Champion Golfer of the Year and the bettor had won $32,830, according to Wager Minds.

And that's why you never throw away your betting tickets until it's all over...and you see guys scouring floors of betting parlors for potentially forgotten winners.