PGA champion Bradley spent some of childhood in a trailer park

PGA champion Bradley spent some of childhood in a trailer park

Keegan Bradley is proud of his upbringing in New England, but the PGA champion has a been keeping a family secret. Bradley spent some of his childhood living in a Massachusetts trailer park with his father, Mark, according to Golf Magazine.

“My mom gets very sad when I talk about it, because she thinks it makes it sound like I had a bad childhood," he said. "So for a while I stopped talking about it. But I really had an unbelievable childhood."

“It was like something out of a movie. My dad is 6-foot-4, he’s taller than me, and we were living in this trailer with bunk beds."

The two-time PGA Tour winner briefly moved to Crystal Springs Trailer Park in Hopkinton, Mass., when his parents separated. Enough time has passed for Bradley to feel comfortable sharing a humbling part of his childhood that helps him now on Tour.

"I’m actually, in a weird way, proud of those days," he said. "I try to tell her, ‘Mom, it’s a cool story. The story of me growing up in Vermont and skiing, people don’t care about that. It’s the trailer park that people want to hear about.'"

It's not like Bradley is a side show attraction to golf, so there is no Daly-esque appeal to the story. Bradley is good guy, so that flies in the face of stereotypes about folks who like in trailer parks. What's to hide? Nothing.