How to keep your mobile phone charged with power while playing golf
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How to keep your mobile phone charged with power while playing golf

When you're out on the golf course, life doesn't stop. That means you might need to use your mobile phone to send an email, peel off a text message, share a few Snaps or answer a few texts.

Now, more than ever, you're also more likely to use a mobile app on your mobile phone to help you play golf, whether it's to keep score, as a GPS to get distances or to track your statistics.

Either way, you're putting your phone to work, and that means you had better show up with a full battery to the golf course to get everything you want and need out of your phone while playing. For lots of people (myself included), that's pretty darn difficult to do, meaning at some point in the round, the battery is going to lose its juice and the phone is going to sleep. If you want to avoid that fate, then, you need access to a power source to boost your phone's battery during a round or be judicious with how you use your phone to save battery life until the 19th hole.

We have some tips and products that you can use on the golf course to keep your phone charged.

Bring a portable charger or power bank and put it in your bag. There are so many products on the market today that serve as backup power sources in a pinch. These portable chargers, when charged, have a bank of power that you can tap into as needed and nurse your phone's battery out of critical range. Many of these have iPhone-compatible charging cords on board, so all you need to do is bring the power bank, plug in and move on. These portable chargers have batteries of different sizes, ranging from the size of a matchbox to the size of your wallet.

If you need plenty of juice, we recommend the myCharge unit for a variety of reasons. Their Adventure Plus portable charger costs $40 and holds enough battery life to power up to four phones in full. It's way more power than you think you'll need, but you have comfort of mind knowing it's there and that it works quickly. It also has an on-board clip so you can put it on your bag (if you don't want it in a pocket) for easy access to charge your phone while you walk down the fairway with your bag on your back. It also maintains battery power for up to a year, meaning you don't have to necessarily recharge it after every round.

If you want to be eco-conscious, you may want to look at a solar-powered charger. Let the sun be your friend and charge your phone while it's on your bag. Solar-powered chargers aren't going to get your phone back to full strength battery. They just won't. The technology isn't good enough and, frankly, there won't be enough sun in a four-hour round. However, it will keep your phone from dying and you don't have to pre-charge it before each round if you don't want.

If you use a cart when you play, then you might want to look at the Gimme Golf charger. It plugs directly into the battery source for your cart, giving you access to that large power bank for your round. You plug in the proper adapter (it comes with three) and then plug in the USB-friendly charger you need to connect to your phone. That's money.

Reduce how often your apps update. One big phone drain during a round (or in general) is how often apps update with new information, particularly email and messaging apps. So, when you're playing a round of golf, set them off or on a delay, either by setting up a power-saving mode, like on Android, or telling specific apps to check for updates on a less-frequent basis.

Don't use your phone at all. In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to use your phone for business and leave plenty of juice for the golf-related apps you want to use. However, if you want to experience the disconnected serenity of, maybe turning off your phone is the best idea. In fact, some clubs require that as a matter of policy.

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