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Golf is a game of numbers and other brain-twisting things. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores the precision side of the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers of the game!

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Episode 40 - Scott Fawcett


As golf chatter and debate has gone, there hasn't been another person as passionate as Scott Fawcett on social media when it comes to embracing (the right) data to be successful. A former mini tour professional, Scott's DECADE system and seminars now help several young golf pros achieve their maximum potential. He joins the pod to discuss scatter charts, the shotgun visual, proper strategy, the misnomer of aggressiveness and several hot topics in the golf analytics world. Applicable to both pros and casual golfers.

Episode 39 - Jonathan Wall


The fascination with golf equipment seems to be at an all-time high. No longer is it good enough for golf fans to know what brand a PGA Tour player has in his bag. Today, you want to know his specs, the grinds of his wedges, the shaft in his driver or the lie of his putter.'s Jonathan Wall saw a niche in golf media several years ago and has become the go-to reporter for golf equipment in professional golf. What's the best he's seen, the worst equipment switch or the rising tech story? That and more...

Episode 38 - Shane Ryan on Mainstreaming Golf Stats


Golf has reached its golden age of statistics. They are everywhere. Players use them (more than they admit), broadcasters use them (some reluctantly) and fans study them. (?) Shane Ryan recently wrote a piece for Golf Digest about the 10 greatest statistical accomplishments in golf in the Strokes Gained Era. Tiger Woods' dominance in numbers. Jason Day's putting prowess. The difficulty of the 100-yard shot. He joins the podcast to talk that and the reluctant acceptance of stats in golf.

Episode 37 - John Rollins


The game of golf has shown that there are multiple ways to win. Different personalities, different approaches and different skill sets can all hoist a trophy. John Rollins won three times on the PGA Tour in a career that lasted almost two decades. He went from long to accurate. He found success with great mental preparation. He learned what worked best for him. He joins the podcast to talk about his journey and how players today juggle all of the information, technology, stats and noise in an attempt to be the best.

Episode 36 - Lou Stagner, Golf Stat Pro


Last year, Lou Stagner was listening to this podcast and was drawn to the endless ways to measure golf. A professional data analyst and avid golfer, Lou wanted to answer some of the questions posed on the pod. In just a few months, he has built new tools that measure clutch factor, putting with the flagstick in and the benefit (or not) of playing angles. It's just the beginning. Catch the convo with one of the newest and sharpest minds in golf data analysis.

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