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Perfect Number Podcast

Golf is a game of numbers and other brain-twisting things. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores the precision side of the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers of the game!

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2020, Week 43 - Arron Oberholser Part 2


Back for more, Arron Oberholser goes big picture on the world of golf, especially in the professional game. How much has been learned in the last 25 years? From that technology and data, what can be contained and what will never be lost? Lessons learned from his journey to the PGA Tour, injury and a transition to the media. A great chat.

2020, Week 42 - The Bryson-Fitz Debate with Arron Oberholser


Golf has been turned upside down by the rapid gains of Bryson DeChambeau. Just when the story was reaching its shelf life, Matthew Fitzpatrick through another log on the fire with comments last week. Was he taken out of context? Was he right or wrong? Are there sour grapes? We review the transcript, discuss the buzz words and bring in Arron Oberholser to talk about that, plus his view of Shadow Creek this week.

2020, Week 41 - Architect Jason Straka


We know the golf ball goes farther. We know that hitting it farther is an advantage. We know courses can be overpowered. What we don't know, with consensus, is which of those are bad and what should be done. Jason Straka has been building and renovating world class golf courses for decades, and joins the podcast to lend his scientific, artistic and professional perspective to the biggest conversation in golf.
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2020, Week 40 - Jon Sherman Part 2


Your golf game can be modeled after the most successful golf professionals. Maybe not always in results, but certainly in process. They don't go all-in in one area, and neither should you. Jon Sherman, founder of Practical Golf, continues his conversation by applying everything - stats, strategy, fitness, psychology, etc. - to the amateur game for improvement. 
Sanderson Farms Picks at 34:00 and a giveaway!

2020, Week 39 - US Open Reaction and Impact with Jon Sherman


Bryson DeChambeau's 2020 U.S. Open win set off a firestorm of conversation about how golf has played, his approach to it and what it means to the game. Are we missing the point? Are we missing what he actually did? Will the ripple effects do much beyond him? All of this is worthy of discussion in what has been a chatty week in the sport. Jon Sherman covers all angles in helping golfers get better and joins for part one of our conversation about the game, through the lens of Bryson's win.
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