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Golf is a game of numbers and other brain-twisting things. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores the precision side of the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers of the game!

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Episode 118 - Luke Kerr-Dineen


Is there a sport that breaks down the intricacies of the process more than golf? The swing is dissected to takeaway, positions, angles, heights, impact, balance, finish and any other number of factors. Added technology has increased those measurements. What is available? What are we learning? How are the best professionals looking at their swings? Is it actually allowing more variety again in swings? Luke Kerr-Dineen covers all things golf improvement for and joins. That, plus our own journeys with our swings on video (or not).

Episode 117 - Ward Jarvis 2.0


The first time Ward Jarvis came on the podcast, he said Brendon Todd was close to winning. Todd then won back-to-back PGA Tour events. Jarvis joins the pod again to discuss the mental side of the game, infusion with stats, growth, perspective and more. We use it all to discuss Max Homa winning, Tony Finau not, Jordan Spieth's return, Koepka's Alpha male, length, pressure and more. Great chat with takeaways for all levels of golfer and fan.

Episode 116 - Jamie Greaves


Of all of the finely tuned elements in golf, the one still being figured out may be fitness. How do golfers fuel their strength gains? How do the best setup a week of eating to maximize performance? What in-round snacks and drinks are used to keep a golfer at his best? Jamie Greaves has been working with golfers of all levels with their fitness and nutrition and sheds some light on strategies to keep the fuel efficiency a peak levels.

Episode 115 - Johnny Watts


Okay, this episode is personal. One of the earliest stops in my golf journey was as a club professional in northeast Indianapolis. I met a young kid (6 at the time) through his family and junior clinics. Today, Johnny Watts is three years removed from an all-everything college career and trying to make it in pro golf. We catch up to talk improvement, tracking success, perspective during the shutdown, tiers, thin lines, teams and bucket lists. Nobody is rooting harder for Johnny than this podcast!

Episode 114 - Michael Carroll of Fit For Golf 2.0


Increased strength and athleticism in golf has become the biggest non-equipment gain in the modern sport, with professional golfers becoming highly tuned athletes first in many cases, and then golfers second. Why? The proof is in the results, with speed and power directly correlating to success. How does that trickle down to the average golfer? How are pros tailoring their workouts? What can be done with a pandemic still around us? Michael Carroll returns to the podcast to discuss it all.

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