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Golf is a game of numbers and other brain-twisting things. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores the precision side of the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers of the game!

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Episode 122 - Suzy Whaley


Golf has been changed by Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship at the age of 50. How? It has offered us a way to study his path, his process, and connect with his success to bring good golf to our games. Who better to discuss this trailblazing win than another trailblazer. Suzy Whaley is an accomplished player and coach, and - as the first woman to be named PGA of America President - had a front row seat for Phil's win. She discusses the lessons learned from Kiawah, how coaching has changed in golf and why data strategy can actually free your mind.

Episode 121 - A Data Golf PGA Championship Preview


With the PGA Championship here, all eyes are on Kiawah. Who has the best chance at winning? How does one tournament in 2012 inform course fit and history? Who has the best value? How do you merge European Tour stars into the field? All of these are discussed with the Courchene brothers of Data Golf. They lend their expertise and also share some of the new tools on their site that fans can use to make their own predictions.

Episode 120 - Ryan Smit, World Axe Throwing Champion


How golfers could learn from... axe throwing??? Golf is a repetitive sport. Trying to repeat the same motion, in the same manner. The same golf swing must battle doubt, nerves and failure. Understanding and overcoming those is a major key to success. The same can be said in the very new sport of axe throwing. Ryan Smit picked up an axe in early 2019 and was a world champion a little over a year later. How? Amazing dedication and research. He shares his secrets, which can transcend across many sports and disciplines. 

Episode 119 - Justin Silverstein


Golf on the PGA Tour is not the only place where you will find players and coaches unearthing every morsel of data and information to get better. The embracing of stats, technology and fitness is rapidly improving the women's game, including at the college level. Justin Silverstein leads the powerhouse program at USC, and pulls back the curtain on their improvement philosophy, data gathering, stat programs and more. Plus, we chat the growth of the women's game and its potential.

Episode 118 - Luke Kerr-Dineen


Is there a sport that breaks down the intricacies of the process more than golf? The swing is dissected to takeaway, positions, angles, heights, impact, balance, finish and any other number of factors. Added technology has increased those measurements. What is available? What are we learning? How are the best professionals looking at their swings? Is it actually allowing more variety again in swings? Luke Kerr-Dineen covers all things golf improvement for and joins. That, plus our own journeys with our swings on video (or not).

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