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Golf is a game of numbers and other brain-twisting things. Come geek out with Will Haskett, veteran golf broadcaster, as he explores the precision side of the game. Analytics, strokes gained, fantasy, rankings, technology, business, psychology and more, let your inner golf nerd out with some of the best minds and thinkers of the game!

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Episode 28 - Will Gray of Golf Channel


The golf world and the PGA Tour got final clarity on the future of the FedEx Cup and how a winner will be determined starting in 2019. Is it fair? It is right? How does it impact the chances for any player to win? Allowing 24 hours to digest it, Will Gray from Golf Channel joins to volley ideas back and forth. Plus, which players at the Ryder Cup next week are key or worrisome to each side? Can Bryson steal Player of the Year from Brooks Koepka? All discussed.

Episode 27 - Mark Immelman Co-Hosts


Understanding golf is a healthy balance of a variety of methods. Whether the swing is taught from tried and true methods, or built from a data set of probabilities, all of that information is important to the overall conversation. Mark Immelman, host of the On The Mark Podcast, joins for a joint podcast. We take turns interviewing each other. What do statistics and data provide to watching and playing golf? How has golf instruction evolved with all of the tools available today? We marry both ideologies in one co-branded golf podcast together. 

Episode 26 - Jeff Willett, PGA Tour Caddie


Professional golf is more than Tiger, superstars and majors. At its core, the game is made up of a majority of players and caddies living year-to-year. At the end of each season, that drama builds for those trying to keep their PGA Tour lives afloat. For Jeff Willett, caddie for Nick Taylor, it came down to the final round of the 2017-18 season. We relive the drama of keeping Taylor's card at the Wyndham Championship, plus explore the 16-year career of a caddie who has seen it all.

Episode 25 - The Data Golf Brothers


Golf is full of stats and data, but are people getting proper value out of it? Two years ago, Matt and Will Courchene took some of that PGA Tour data and developed their Predictive Model to identify the likelihood of a player winning. Now a part of, they offer various tools to predict success. Both joined the podcast to talk about the relatively simple structure behind the model, hopes for future predictions, the strength of worldwide golf tours and the struggle for Tiger Woods to win again. 

Episode 24 - Tom Alter and the FedEx Cup System


The PGA Tour wanted more golf excitement down the stretch of its season, so the FedEx Cup was born a decade ago. Today, it has become an additional motivator for the top golfers in the world, while also being the livelihood of hundreds of players trying to keep their card. Tom Alter is the man who tracks the standings and serves as a point of contact for the players on the PGA Tour. We discuss the creation and evolution of the system, while also touching on some historical points of it.

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