Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Conference Championships edition
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Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Conference Championships edition

It was one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

It was a bit of a fluke, to be sure -- two defenders colliding when one decides to go airborne -- but the Vikings will take it. After all, they were on the receiving end of that in 1975 when Roger Staubach and the Cowboys shattered their hopes with the original Hail Mary, also in the divisional playoffs.

For those of you scoring at home, the Immaculate Reception was also in...wait for it...the Divisional Playoffs.

That wild last three minutes cost Ernesto the Prediction Iguana a perfect slate. Instead his 3-1 (1-1 in teasers) record leaves him 4-4 overall for the playoffs, 2-2 in teasers. As always, we do two-team teasers here, so we can move the line six points either way. We use the lines from Vegas Insider, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


Vikings (+3) at IGGLES
PATRIOTS (-1.5) vs. Jags

The Vikings should become the first team to host a Super Bowl, and with such a fervent fan base you can’t help but pull for them. They have too much firepower for the Eagles, and the Philly offense will fizzle. The Vikes better learn a lesson from last week’s fourth quarter, however: Don’t fall asleep. Run up the score as high as you can.

They’ll face the Patriots, simply because Jacksonville isn’t disciplined enough. They’ll break hard and jagged, and this game will be in garbage time mid-way through the third quarter.


EAGLES-Vikings OVER 32.5