Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 16 bettor’s guide
Jay's Plays

Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 16 bettor’s guide

Ernesto’s return to the helm of our NFL Picks here at AWITP and GNN saw him tally a solid 5-1 week, 2-1 in teasers. That swells the season totals to a sterling 55-17 overall, 21-15 in teasers.

Of course one critical win was due to dumb luck. The Steelers beat the Patriots yesterday, but the Cheatriots beat the Steelers. The lone loss was the Chargers, and what in the hell ever possessed Ernesto pick the Chargers in the first place? People ask themselves same thing about Norv Turner all the time.

Anyway, here’s this week’s winners before they happen. As always, we do two-team teasers here, so we can move the line 6 points either way. We use the lines from Vegas Insider, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


Rams (-0.5) at TITANS

The Rams are for real. They just did the seemingly impossible: vaporize Seattle in Space Needle Town. Meanwhile, the Titans have been spitting the bit for weeks now.


Bills (+18.5) at PATRIOTS
NINERS-Jaguars OVER 36.5

The Niners are a completely different team with Garappolo at the helm, playing with passion and pride. They would be well-poised to play spoiler, but the Jaguars are fierce and hungry, playing well over anyone’s pre-season expectations. With a playoff spot clinched, they are playing with house money, and that means points. As long as they don’t let their inexperience and lack of discipline bring them down, they could win the AFC. Pittsburgh and Miami showed everyone the Cheatriots are beatable, and 18.5 is far too much to spot a Bills team that should take this game to the final minute. This is your playoff game, Buffalo. Are you ready?


PANTHERS (-3) vs. Buccaneers

With nothing to play for, both the Cardinals and Giants will let loose in the desert. Meanwhile the Panthers should handle the Bucs, but will it be enough to secure them a playoff spot?

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