Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 16 predictions and bettor’s guide
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Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 16 predictions and bettor’s guide


It was a 3-3 week for Ernesto the Prediction Iguana, 1-2 in teasers. Although that was rather milquetoast (that’s what happens when you play NFC West divisional games), and I’m giving him appropriate scowls, he did go undefeated the week before, so we’ll cut him juuuuuuuust a little bit of slack.

That brings the season totals to 50-18-2, 18-11-2 in teasers. Here’s this week’s winners before they happen. As always, we use the lines from Vegas Insider and do two-team teasers, so you can move the line six pints in either direction. HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


TEXANS-Bengals OVER 35.5
Colts (+11) at RAIDERS

Well THAT was an offensive explosion from the Colts last week. Andrew Luck makes all the difference and double digits are a lot to spot them, even from the high-wire act of Derek Carr and the resurgent Silver and Black. Meanwhile the Bengals are smarting after blowing a two touchdown lead to the hated Steelers, but they did hit the over last week with Pittsburgh’s help. 35.5 is peanuts for two good offenses, one of whom is desperate to secure a payoff spot, the other with a potent passing game and good running balance.


Titans (-0.5) at JAGUARS
Ravens (+11) at STEELERS

Speaking of Pittsburgh, the Steelers showed some uncharacteristic mettle on defense, salvaging a lost game on the road. But Baltimore is not Cinci, and 11 is too many to spot Flacco, a great receiving corps and the best kicker in football.

Well Tennessee fans, this game will tell you if you’re a year away or not. Titans, if you lose this critical game to those hapless, helpless pussycats, DON’T COME HOME.


Washington (-1) at BEARS
PACKERS-Vikings OVER 37.5

Hey Washington, don’t blink against the lowly Bears. Playoff teams in your rear-view mirror are closer than they appear...except for the Minnesota Vikings, who, while still mathematically alive, have watched the carriage turn into a pumpkin. “Five wins to open he season, slump to close. That’s so Vikings...” moaned one shell-shocked fan, ad he’s right.


CHIEFS-Broncos OVER 32
BILLS-Dolphins OVER 36

From the “Boy I love being right all the time” files, two weeks ago we wrote that KC under Andy Reid has dropped a few games at Arrowhead they’d ordinarily not lose. After opening up with a quick two touchdowns against Tennessee, BOOM, ROASTED, and they lose the game and the lead in the AFC West. It seems Andy Reid and Alex Smith can only get you so far. Snow? What snow? Two good offenses meet in Buffalo with both teams fighting for their playoff lives.

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