Jay’s Plays NFL predictions: Week 12 picks and bettor’s guide
Jay's Plays

Jay’s Plays NFL predictions: Week 12 picks and bettor’s guide


We're bringing back Faith the Prediction Cat for two more weeks after her excellent 7-1 showing this week, 3-1 in teasers. The Lions almost made Faith regret her faith in them with that lackluster performance, but they did pull out a late win...unlike the Chiefs, who blew a home game to the hapless Buccaneers and fell out of the lead in the AFC West.

Anyway, the season totals stand at 30-13-1 overall, 9-8-1 in teasers. Here's this week's winners before they happen, courtesy of Britt's adorable and prescient kitty. As usual we do teasers here, so you can move the lines six points in either direction. We use the lines from Vegas Insider, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


Giants (-0.5) at BROWNS

Can you believe the Browns? They gave the Steelers three cracks from the 1-yard line at the end of the first half. As most Steelers fans said, "It's a good thing we were playing the Browns." Giants, if you fail to win this game, don't come home. Meanwhile the Niners have surrendered the most points in the NFC, but since they also can't score, I'm not worried that Miami can hit the over by themselves.


Vikings (+8.5) at LIONS
COWBOYS (-0.5) vs Redskins

That's a lot of points to spot the Vikings, even on a short turnaround. The Redskins kicked the holy hell out of the Packers last night, but between the Dallas O-line pushing around the entire league and Dak Prescott not realizing where he is, a half of a point is nothing.


BILLS (-0.5) vs Jaguars
Patriots (-2.5) at JETS

One of the rules of this column is pick on the little guy (See: Browns, Cleveland), and with a surging defense and potent offense, take Buffalo in the snow over the warm-weather Jags. Ride the Patriots until they give you a reason not to...

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