Can you pick the bay that you get at Topgolf?
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Can you pick the bay that you get at Topgolf?


When you go to play at Topgolf, you can make bay reservations ahead of time for up to two bays and as many as 12 active players during your time there. (You can actually have more than 12 total people, they just can't all play at once.)

You can book Topgolf bays ahead of time on their website, just by having an account, picking a location, date and time. It's simple.

You can also just show up to a Topgolf without a reservation and look to get into a bay as a walk-in. That can often work during less busy times, like weekday mornings and afternoons, or when it might be colder outside. However, walk-ins often have to wait until a bay becomes available for them.

Either way, Topgolf customers often ask if they can pick they bay they get. Maybe some like the first floor because the shots are struck at ground level to the range itself. Some might prefer the second floor since there's no walking up or down steps with golf clubs to get to their bay. Some might prefer the third (or fourth) floors because they want the view from higher up. Perhaps a customer wants to be on the left or right, or right in the middle, of a floor because of access to specific targets.

No matter what view you prefer (or don't), you cannot pick your Topgolf bay -- even when you make reservations. The Topgolf reservations system assigns bays to customers based on what's booked and what isn't at the venue when a reservation arrives. When you check in, they'll tell you a bay number or numbers, or they'll say that they will text you the chosen bay number(s) when they are ready. You don't get to make a choice.

Though you don't get to choose the specific location of your Topgolf bay, you still get all of the amenities that come with each one: heaters, cover, golf balls, Toptracer, all the games, rental clubs, food service, couches and tables.

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