What is Max Homa's real name, and why does he go by Max?
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What is Max Homa’s real name, and why does he go by Max?

A photo of golfer Max Homa

Max Homa is one of the most popular golfers on the PGA Tour and in the golf world. His evolution from a golfer who reached the PGA Tour and immediately lost his card to a player who is among the top 15 players in the world is amazing. He has documented so much of his journey through social media that he has endeared himself to fans forever.

However, Max Homa is not known to fans by his real name.

What is Max Homa's real name?

Max Homa's real name is John Maxwell Homa. So, Max Homa is really John Homa. But Max goes by the short version of his middle name.

Why does he go by Max instead of John?

In short, wouldn't you? There are plenty of people in the world who go by their middle name, and that's typically because they have a given first name that is rather common. However, Max doesn't go by his middle name for that reason. Rather, he goes by his middle name because it makes sense given his family background.

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Max Homa's dad is also named John, but Max isn't a junior. John Homa is a famous acting coach in the Los Angeles area, so the name is well known in the California world in which Max grew up, making it easier to use his middle name for his going name instead of his dad's name.

“His mother came up with Max,” John Homa said in an interview with Golf.com. “I don’t know where from but we always loved that name and always knew that’s what we would call him, just Max.”

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