5 simple things golfers can do to speed up play and be a conscientious golfer
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5 simple things golfers can do to speed up play and be a conscientious golfer

For lots of golfers, they didn't grow up playing the game. They didn't have friends or family who passed down to them the best practices for keeping up the pace of play. As it turns out, little things can add up over the course of a round, and doing them can make everything run quicker and help each player have a better experience.

Here are 5 simple things golfers can do to speed up play.

Tips to speed up your golf round

1. Play ready golf: There are lots of golfers who insist on having the play farthest from the hole playing each shot. Determining that takes time, and a golfer may get flustered if they have to go multiple times. Instead, play ready golf, where you play when you're ready. It creates a flow to the round that's better for most players and situations.

2. Don't take forever over short putts: For most golfers, they're not playing competitive golf. While score matters to lots of golfers, there's no need to grind out putts inside the leather. Just pick it up and keep moving.

3. Pick up at double par: Plenty of golfers struggle to break 100, and that's completely OK. But there's a point where a golfer is taking too many strokes for both the group and that player's psyche. Just pick up at double par (six shots on a par 3, eight shots on a par 4, 10 shots on a par 5) and get to the next tee.

4. Don't wait until it's your turn to pick a club: When it's your turn to hit, be ready to go. Do the prep work while others are hitting. Get your distance and pick your club. Go through your pre-shot routine as soon as you're able.

5. Help others find their golf ball: Looking for a golf ball can take a long time by yourself, so it's good to have some help -- and also to be helpful when others are looking for theirs. By helping out your fellow player, you'll help speed up the round.

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