How should a golf glove fit on a golfer's hand?

How should a golf glove fit on a golfer’s hand?

Golfers wear golf gloves when they play golf -- at least, for the most part. However, not every golfer is wearing a golf glove on their hand properly. Fit matters when it comes to golf gloves, and an ill-fitting golf glove may actually be doing more harm than good.

Let us explain how a golf glove should fit on your hand.

How should a golf glove fit on a golfer's hand?

A golf glove should fit snugly on a golfer's hand. When a golfer first purchases a glove and takes it out of the packaging, it shouldn't be really easy to get on their hand. It should take a little bit of a struggle to get the glove on the fingers. The Velcro flap on the glove shouldn't easily snap with the Velcro on the glove.

Why is this the case? That's because golf gloves that fit snugly give the golfer the most direct connection possible with the grip of the club. There's no excess or potential for additional material to get in the way between your hand and the golf club. Additional material may make the golf grip feel awkward and distract the golfer while they're swinging, creating the opposite of the desired result of using a glove, which is a confident grasp of the club through the entire shot.

Of course, as a golfer breaks in a golf glove, the leather or other material used in the construction of the glove will start to stretch and fit your hand. That's a good thing. That means the glove fits you and how you use it in the golf swing.

There will also be wear and tear on a golf glove during its life, and those wear spots give an indication of how a golfer plays the game. Some see wear spots in the palm. Some see them on side of the glove. Players are different, and their wear points are based on the position and strength of their grip.

No matter how a golfer grips the club, though, the glove should grip their hand snugly.

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