Here are the top 10 things every golfer should carry in their golf bag

Here are the top 10 things every golfer should carry in their golf bag

Whether you're a new, beginning golfer or an experienced player with decades of rounds under your belt, you have a golf bag. You might walk with it, or you might ride in a cart with it strapped to the back. However you play golf, you use a golf bag -- and it carries a whole lot more than golf clubs.

Golf bags carry almost everything you need to play golf. That means you should stock your golf bag with certain must-haves that every golfer should have at the ready for every round of golf.

What are the most important things to carry in your golf bag? Here's our top 10.

The top 10 things golfers should carry in their golf bag

1. Golf balls: Turns out, you need golf balls to play golf. How many you carry in your bag is up to you, your skill level, the course you're playing and how much room your bag has to store them. Higher-handicap golfers should carry a dozen to 15 golf balls, especially if they're playing a course with lots of hazards and other areas where golf balls tend to disappear. Better players probably need no more than six golf balls in their bag for a round. If you're playing with a caddie, they'll often remove excess golf balls from your bag to lessen the load, so you can do that before the round and save some time.

2. Tees: Unless you're Laura Davies, you're using a tee when you hit driver off the tee and, most likely, with every other tee shot. It's important to have tees at the ready, even though many golf courses these days have a box of free tees available to players around the first tee. You don't need many -- maybe a handful -- but you need them.

3. Golf gloves: Most every golfer plays golf while wearing a glove. Golfers typically wear their glove on their non-dominant hand. It's important to have a functional golf glove in your bag, particularly if you're playing in a humid climate. Make sure the glove has no holes in it and isn't rotting through. If you might consider playing golf a rainy situation, make sure you buy a pair (left- and right-handed) of rain gloves as they'll save you a ton of frustration.

4. Water bottle: It goes without saying that it can get hot on the golf course in the summer months, but a walking golfer also sweats even in the cooler months of the year. Staying hydrated is important, especially if you're spritzing in some adult beverages as well. It's a great idea to carry a reusable water bottle in your bag. Most golf courses offer water stations on the course, and all of them can get you water at the turn. Insulated metal bottles keep the water cold throughout the round.

5. Ball markers: It doesn't matter how you mark your ball on the greens, but you need to be ready to mark it time and again througout the round. It's a great idea to have more than one ball marker in your bag, just in case one of your playing partners doesn't have one or losses theirs.

6. Repair tool: There are several varieties of repair tools on the market -- from switchblade-style units to folks who just use a tee. Whatever tool you want to use, make sure you use it. Fix your ball marks on the greens and try to fix one more while you're bent over, as it'll help the course and everyone enjoying it.

7. Sunscreen: If you're playing golf, then you're spending hours outdoors and in direct contact with the sun. Even if you apply sunscreen before arriving to the golf course, it most likely will wear off at some point in the round. Having a small supply of sunscreen of choice -- cream, spray or a stick -- handy means you'll be able to keep your skin safe.

8. Cash: If you want something to purchase something to eat or drink from the beverage cart during a round, you may need cash. Most facilities allow golfers to make card-based purchases, but not all. Even if it's just a $10 or $20 bill for emergency situations, including tips, it's good to have tender just in case.

9. A towel: You never know when you'll need to clean a piece of your golf equipment. Could be the club head, the ball or something else entirely. But having a towel makes it easier.

10. A rain cover: When it rains out on the golf course, everything gets wet, including your clubs. Clubs tend to perform worse when the face and/or grip is wet. Prevent that with a rain cover. They come with most bags nowadays, and they snap in place to easily prevent clubs from getting drenched in a storm. They store away easily in a bag pocket.

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