Lydia Ko gives an honest answer about why she needed on-course physio, and it's a great reason
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Lydia Ko gives an honest answer about why she needed on-course physio, and it’s a great reason

Golf fans who tuned into the final round of the LPGA's Palos Verdes Championship on Sunday were treated to a great showdown featuring world No. 1 Jin Young Ko, world No. 3 Lydia Ko, Hannah Green and eventual winner Marina Alex.

After Alex wrapped up her second LPGA Tour win of her career and spoke to Golf Channel, Lydia Ko, who finished tied for third place with Megan Khang, spoke with the network's Jerry Foltz.

Foltz asked Ko about the footage viewers saw during the round of Ko laying on her stomach on the ground during play, getting treatment from a physio. The physio was working on her back, which is a frequent injury spot for golfers and can be seen as a concerning injury for a player in both the short and long term. Doing his job, Foltz asked Ko if needing treatment during the round concerned her as it might indicate a more chronic problem.

In response, Ko offered a moment of candor rarely heard from a female athlete.

"I hope not. Um, it's that time of the month," Ko said, before turning to the camera and saying, "I know the ladies watching are probably like, 'Yeah, I got you.'"

After laughing a bit, she explained what being on her period meant for her physical performance: "Well, when that happens, my back gets really tight and all twisted. It's not the first time [my physio] has seen me twisted. But it felt a lot better after he came, so yeah, there you go."

Clearly not expecting the answer he got, Foltz didn't really have a response other than to say thanks.

Keeping things light, Ko laughed and said to Foltz, "I know you're at a loss for words, Jerry. Honestly it is!"

The moment of candor was welcome, and it's rare to hear female athletes talk about the effect menstrual cycles can have on their bodies and their performance. Ko's response likely doesn't come without a great rapport with Foltz, and so it all came together nicely and gives people another reason to root for Ko, whose honesty about her professional career's ups and downs has been endearing.

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