Would you buy this $1.35 million house with a driving range deck?
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Would you buy this $1.35 million house with a driving range deck?

Golfers think about golf a lot. They're -- we're -- obsessed with the game, practicing golf swings in elevators and random places. Golfers are always looking for a place to play golf, including in their homes.

How would you like to have your own personal driving range at your house? For the small price tag of $1.35 million, you can!

This home in Silver Spring, Md., which is about 20 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., just went up on the market. The home sits on two acres and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms in 8,800 sqaure feet of living space. All of that sounds really nice, but the instant hook for any golfer is what's on the third floor.

In a bonus space, there's a workout area, room for an office, or a poker table or a small theater setup. Then, on its own covered balcony space is a driving range deck. Yep.

The deck has articifical turf covering it, with a driving range mat in the center. There are gates that can be opened to clear the way for a golfer to hit balls. Now, where would the golfer hit the balls? Based on the current setup, it looks like you'd be hitting them into the woods behind the house. A golfer could set up some targets -- maybe even full-blown greens -- in the yard for wedge shots. Perhaps a motivated owner could chop down trees, too, and clear out a longer range.

If the future owner wanted, they could add the setup for a net and a projector screen (or wall-mounted TV) so they could have a simulator setup for colder days or when they wanted more than a driving-range experience.

Now, this house isn't perfect. The house effectively has two wings, with the second wing attached at a slanted angle. With the addition and the original entryway to the house, it looks awkward. A potential owner would likely want to add on a covered porch that runs down most of the length of the slanted wing. That could help matters a ton.

Also, it's likely that a golfer would want to move the shed that's right off the driveway back toward the edges of the property. It would be a great place to put a ball-cleaning machine after you pick your new range.

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