XXIO introduces new XXIO X lineup for faster-swinging players seeking lighter clubs

XXIO introduces new XXIO X lineup for faster-swinging players seeking lighter clubs

Two years ago, XXIO introduced their XXIO X lineup of clubs. The idea behind the lineup was to offer lighter clubs for better players who have been seeing a decline in their swing speeds.

Now for 2022, an updated XXIO X line is here to further help out players seeing a drop in the club velocity. The X lineup has shapes that will appeal to better players while delivering performance that they want.

“XXIO X has the DNA of every XXIO product – lightweight and easy to swing. However, it’s tuned to the more accomplished player,” said Brian Schielke, XXIO General Manager. “More compact irons, lower spinning woods, and stiffer shafts make X a great choice for better players looking to increase their speed and experience the benefits of XXIO.”

The XXIO X lineup runs throughout the bag, with a driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

On the driver, fairway woods and hybrids, there are three key features:

  • The Rebound Frame, found throughout the Srixon lineup as well, features four alternating layers (the Srixon ZX models have three) of stiff and flexible zones that help deliver more energy to the ball at impact
  • ActivWing aerodynamics shaping is designed to help stabilize the club for a consistent delivery at the start of the downswing, with the airfoil generating lift to guide the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance
  • The Flat Cup face, which has been enlarged and thinned out, flexes more at impact for even more power and distance, looking to make up some for power lost through swing speed deprication

The X irons have a new high-strength steel face plate that's thinner and flexes better for more power. The face features laser-milled, loft-specific grooves and a V-shaped sole for ideal turf interaction across a variety of lies. The X irons have more of a compact, players-style shape, with a stronger flex.

With the new X Irons, skilled players will feel free to attack the pin with confidence. These irons feature a new high-strength steel face plate, laser micro milling for optimal spin consistency, loft specific grooves, and a V-Shaped sole for a pure feel on every strike.

All of the clubs in the lineup feature Weight Plus, which is a way of counterbalancing the club to help with consistency throughout the bag.

In addition to the new X lineup, the new XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls feature their version of Rebound Frame, which means areas of high and low rigidity (compression) to produce just the right amount of smoosh at impact to deliver ball speeds for slower swingers with great feel.

The XXIO X lineup is available starting Feb. 11, with the driver at $700, fairway woods at $400 each, the hybrids at $300 each and the irons at $225 each for graphite shafts and $200 for steel shafts. A six-piece set is available for $1,200 in steel and $1,350 in graphite.

XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls are available Feb. 11 for $50 per dozen in four colors: Premium Pink, Lime Yellow, Orange and Ruby Red.

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