Callaway Golf's new Chrome Soft X LS looks to add distance with a lower spin profile

Callaway Golf’s new Chrome Soft X LS looks to add distance with a lower spin profile

No two golfers are truly alike, and that means the equipment they should use to play their best is also unique.

Callaway Golf is hip to this, of course, and they know their Chrome Soft X tour-caliber ball is has a launch profile that feels softer and spins more than some of its peers. Not every golfer wants that, though. Many are looking to get the ball higher in the air, flying with less spin and coming down steeper and softer. With their new Chrome Soft X LS golf ball, Callaway Golf is looking to connect with that player.

The LS in the ball's name, as you'd imagine, stands for Low Spin. Callaway is positioning this as a ball for better players who want to hit the ball farther, but there are plenty of mediocre high-spin players that could benefit from this ball. The idea with the ball is to create a similar compression as Chrome Soft X while using a larger, firmer SoftFast core and then building up a low-spin, high-launch profile with firmer mantle layers before getting to the urethane cover.

This ball fits in a certain company in the Tour-caliber ball space, which really comprises a wider variety of styles with different goals. Some launch lower. Some spin more. Some spin less. Some launch higher. But a higher-launch, lower-spin ball that's distance-oriented is geared toward a player who generates plenty of spin on their own, wants to kill some with the driver and full-shot irons while not completely compromising greenside spin and control.

The Chrome Soft X LS isn't going to grab with wedges in the same way Chrome Soft X will, but it's designed to offer good control that a better golfer can handle.

The Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X LS is available March 18 in white and yellow with Triple Track technology, as well good ole plain white, for $48 per dozen.

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