Scotty Cameron extends Phantom X line with four new models

Scotty Cameron extends Phantom X line with four new models

Scotty Cameron's Phantom X line debuted in 2019, and now, two years later, the lineup is expanding with a pair of new models and modifications to two models that came out in the launch.

All of the heads in the original Phantom X line featured a blend of steel and aluminum, all designed to offer high moment of inertia for golfers and plenty of forgiveness. With these new heads, however, the script has been flipped. Whereas the OG Phantom X putters had aluminum more centrally placed, including in the face, these new heads have 303 stainless steel as the core base material, including in the face, and the aluminum is on the sole and flange areas.

The Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 5.5 are the two updated models, replacing the prior models, while the new models are compact wingback mallets dubbed the Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5.

Both the Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 11 feature stepless steel shafts designed to minimize face rotation, while using a single mid-bend aimed down the target line. The Phantom X 5.5 uses a small-slant neck for the shaft-over look. The Phantom X 11.5 uses stepless steel, too, with a single low-bend aimed down the target line for golfers who prefer a putter with more toe flow for the arc in their stroke.

The Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5 were developed based on requests for a more-compact setup similar to the Phantom X 12 and 12.5 models.

In the Phantom X 5 mid-mallet, the 303 stainless steel face, body and wings combines with an aluminum sole that has stainless steel sole weights. It's somewhat compact with a wingback shape and is designed with darker alignment features in the flange setup.

The Phantom X 5.5 is inspired by Justin Thomas’ tour setup, with a similar small-slant neck to promote modest toe flow. It has a milled sight line on the topline and a similar body construction to the Phantom X 5.

The Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5 borrow design traits from the Phantom X 12 and new Phantom X 5, doing so in a more compact wingback style. The wings are trimmed and swept back, while there's a darker alignment aid and a single, raised back flange sight line in gray. The sole has customizable stainless steel weights. The X 11.5 is different from the X 11 in one way: the shaft is low-bend to increase toe flow.

The new Phantom X models have been misted for a glare-resistant look, including on the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum components that have also been anodized black.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5/5.5/11/11.5 models will be available March 26 for $429 each.

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