Bridgestone Golf promises more and better impact with the new e12 Contact golf balls

Bridgestone Golf promises more and better impact with the new e12 Contact golf balls

We all kind of take dimples for granted. We know they help with aerodynamics, and they help a ball get through the air as we need. But there's a lot going on with dimples and dimple patterns in our golf balls that go beyond drag and lift.

Dimples can impact spin axis and keep a ball more on target. In Bridgestone's new e12 Contact golf balls, the company believes they've found a new dimple design that will mean less fairway-missing spin and more distance.

The new dimple is called Contact Force, and it features a structure with a raised area in the center of the dimple with an outer portion that is designed to slow sidespin. The raised dimple area, the company says, nets 38 percent more clubface contact at impact compared to a traditional dimple. The company says that leads to more room to transfer energy at impact, meaning ultimately that the ball will go farther through the bag.

The concept makes sense. Naturally, more clubface impact and more time impacting the clubface should mean the ball can spin better on scoring shots, creating more surface area for grooves in wedges to generate spin.

The e12 Contact core is also softer with the aim of delivering better feel, being able to use a mantle layer to build speed and protect scoring spin.

The Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact will be available Feb. 26 for $30 per dozen in white, matte green, matte red and matte yellow options.

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