Can your golf shoes help you hit the ball farther? Research shows Sqairz can
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Can your golf shoes help you hit the ball farther? Research shows Sqairz can

When most golfers think of the quickest way to gain distance, they think about buying the latest and greatest equipment.

Maybe a new driver or a set of irons that help the ball jump off the face with explosive ball speed. Maybe the latest golf ball will help pick up a few yards.

But have you ever considered buying a pair of golf shoes to hit the ball farther? Sqairz has research to show that you should.

Sqairz firmly believed that their golf shoes, with the unmistakable squared-off toe for a more natural fit and unparalleled stability, were helping golfers hit the ball farther. They hired Golf Laboratories, Inc., to investigate their inkling, and the results even surprised them.

Golf Laboratories, Inc., found that amateur golfers wearing Sqairz golf shoes gained an average of 2.2 miles per hour in swing speed and 8.8 yards off the tee. The study looked at golfers ranging in handicap index from +2.7 to 18.6, with every player surveyed but one gaining distance.

Would you rather spend $500 or more on a new driver to gain 8-9 yards or $200 on a new pair of shoes?

“Golfers should be considering their shoes as a piece of equipment - just as they would a driver, putter or ball - and finding the brand that helps them perform at their best,” said Robert Winskowicz, Sqairz founder and CEO. “What the modern game has shown is that increased distance leads to better scores, and lower handicaps.”

More distance typically means lower scores for players of all abilities. Having shorter clubs in hand for approach shot often leads to better outcomes. And players always love suddenly hitting it past -- or even farther past -- their golf buddies. Even six-time major champions like Nick Faldo, who has signed on as a Sqairz ambassador.

This is the latest datapoint in a growing body of evidence that golf shoes offering more stability and better traction lead to better outcomes in every facet of the game. More stability means improved driving distance, more consistent contact and better dispersion patterns.

Spikeless shoes appeal to many golfers because they're comfort-first shoes, typically weighing less and boasting more cushioning. However, Sqairz looks to convince golfers that potentially leaving yards on the table isn't a good trade-off.

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