Brooks Koepka thought make-up artist was making fun of his 'manhood' during ESPN naked photo shoot
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Brooks Koepka thought make-up artist was making fun of his ‘manhood’ during ESPN naked photo shoot

It takes guts to pose nude for anything for public consumption. Brooks Koepka showed some courage last year when he posed naked in the final edition of ESPN The Magazine's "Body" issue, representing the sport as the world No. 1 at the time.

Looking back on that photo shoot, Koepka laughs at the moment he thought a make-up artist was making fun of his groin.

Koepka was a guest on the "Pardon My Take" podcast, sharing the story of the shoot, which happened at a golf course. Throughout the day, Koepka was in the buff while photographers, lighting folks and a make-up artist were working with him. Toward the end of the session is when things got awkward.

“It’s getting late in the day, we’re getting kind of tired, it’s cooled down a little, and it’s like 60 degrees and starting to sprinkle, and it’s getting cold,” Koepka said.

“I haven’t complained all day and I kind of mutter under my breath, ‘Damn, it’s cold.’ The lady [makeup artist] hasn’t said anything all day, and she just blurts out, ‘I can tell.'”

Kopeka was naturally surprised at what he thought was a shot at his genitalia. He said, "Are you serious?" to the make-up artist, who then realized the implication.

She said, “No, no, the goosebumps, the goosebumps!”

Cue the GIF of Georga Costanza yelling he was in the pool.

Koepka came under fire for losing 20 lbs. for the shoot, though the four-time major winner said at the time that he was giving up a few months of his career to reduce his swing speed and weight for something that would be in print forever.

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