Are golf courses open where you live? Golf course openings and closures by all 50 states
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Are golf courses open where you live? Golf course openings and closures by all 50 states

Are golf courses open where you live? It's a good question.

As more states, counties and cities are issuing their own executive actions to limit travel and promote social distancing, there's been confusion over if golf courses can remain open in each state. We're keeping track of all 50 states.

At this point, courses which are open throughout the United States are generally practicing safety precaution and social distancing.

Are golf courses open in your state?

Alabama: Golf courses are generally allowed to remain open at this point.

Alaska: It's not golf season.

Arizona: Governor Tony Ducey has said golf courses are "essential businesses" that can remain open at this time.

California: Golf courses have mostly closed in response to the shelter-in-place order, though there are some who are remaining open.

Colorado: Golf courses are now required to close. Denver closed all of its six municipal golf courses on March 18. Colorado Springs is also closing its courses.

Connecticut: Golf courses can remain open provided they're practicing proper safety and social distancing techniques. Public golf courses in Fairfield, Conn., will be closed starting March 23.

Delaware: Delaware has issued its own stay-at-home order, but golf courses are allowed to remain open.

Florida: Golf courses remain open throughout the state, except in Palm Beach County, Orange County, Miami-Dade County and others issuing more specific orders. Orange County and Orlando courses can now remain open.

Georgia: Golf courses are open throughout the state and in Atlanta.

Hawaii: Golf courses are closing more often after a statewide order.

Idaho: Idaho has issued a shelter-in-place order, and golf courses are able to be open at this time.

Illinois: Golf courses had been told they can remain open, with specific jurisdictions are closing courses, but they are now required to close after being back open for a day.

Indiana: Golf courses are allowed to remain open despite a statewide order for more social distancing.

Iowa: Golf courses are largely remaining open at this point.

Kansas: Golf courses are allowed to remain open.

Kentucky: Golf courses are allowed to remain open and are considered exempt from a statewide order.

Louisiana: Golf courses, including New Orleans municipal courses, can remain open despite a statewide shelter-in-place order.

Maine: Golf courses are generally open, though golf season is really just beginning in Maine.

Maryland: Golf courses in Maryland closed on March 23 as part of a shelter-in-place-style order.

Massachusetts: Golf courses are not considered essential and must close under statewide orders.

Michigan: Golf courses are not allowed to remain open after an executive order to shelter in place.

Minnesota: Golf courses are expected to close as they have been deemed a "non-essential business."

Mississippi: Golf courses remain open as the governor has tried to undermine local orders.

Missouri: Golf courses appear to be allowed to continue operating, though by county and city jurisdiction, different restrictions could be in place.

Montana: Governor Steve Bullock has not issued a statewide order at this time, and golf courses have remained open.

Nebraska: Golf courses appear to remain open at this time, as there's no statewide orders to close.

Nevada: Golf courses remain open to promote exercise, provided proper social distancing is followed.

New Hampshire: Golf courses remain open at this time for providing exercise with proper social distancing, but a new order from Governor Sununu considers courses non-essential and could mean they close in the coming days.

New Jersey: Golf has been deemed a non-essential business, and golf courses have predominantly closed under order.

New Mexico: Golf courses are to close after a statewide stay-at-home order.

New York: Golf courses were closed statewide, but a new order has changed that. Golf courses can remain open provided they're taking precautions and enforcing social distancing.

North Carolina: Golf courses are allowed to remain open despite shelter-in-place orders.

North Dakota: Golf courses are open as weather allows.

Ohio: Golf courses were remaining open as people allowed to leave their homes for exercise, but the state has changed its mind, and golf courses now must close.

Oklahoma: Golf courses generally are able to remain open, but "vulnerable populations" are expected to remain home.

Oregon: Golf courses are allowed to remain open to players, provided courses and players enact proper social-distancing practices.

Pennsylvania: Golf courses are closed statewide after an order from Governor Tom Wolf.

Rhode Island: Golf courses do not appear affected by an order for entertainment venues to close.

South Carolina: Golf courses remain open throughout the state, including for locals only in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.

South Dakota: Golf courses remain open throughout the state.

Tennessee: Golf courses remain open throughout the state.

Texas: Golf courses seem to be closing, but some are remaining open. Tarrant County courses are to close, while Austin and Dallas municipal courses are closed.

Utah: Golf courses remain open throughout the state, provided social distancing and safety measures are performed.

Vermont: Golf courses remain open throughout much of the state.

Virginia: Golf courses remain open, though some local courses may close by jurisdiction or choice.

Washington: Golf courses are no longer allowed to remain open throughout the state.

Wisconsin: Golf courses must close through April 24, as they are a non-essential business.

West Virginia: Golf courses are allowed to remain open as an essential business for exercise.

Wyoming: Golf courses are open.

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