USGA unveils new US Open branding campaign: 'From Many, One'
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USGA unveils new US Open branding campaign: ‘From Many, One’

The US Open is the most democratic of the four men's majors. Conceivably, any golfer could enter (if their USGA handicap index is low enough) and win.

Other than the difficult and demanding USGA setup, the calling card of the national championship is that it allows golfers to dream that they could be the Cinderella story.

The USGA is now emphasizing the open part of the US Open with a new branding campaign dubbed "From Many, One." With some 9,000 people entering the US Open each year, the slogan kind of makes itself.

“Our goal was to develop a distinct and powerful brand platform that allows us to celebrate what makes our championship unique and to tell the stories that drive our audiences to attend, watch and engage with the US Open year-round,” said Craig Annis, chief brand officer of the USGA.

The US Open fund some 75 percent of the organization's annual revenue, with half of the championship's intake going to funding the USGA's work.

The slogan, developed in concert with California-based Zambezi, is a take on the "E Pluribus Unum" motto found on US currency and a quintessential American slogan.

“The US Open is more than a golf event, it’s more than a test or evaluation, it’s an experience that brings people together to share in the electricity that comes from players pushing themselves beyond their limits to achieve their dreams,” said USGA CEO Mike Davis. “The brand platform will be the perfect vehicle to share the story of the U.S. Open, a celebration of the accomplishments of the players who compete for the championship and everyone who makes the event so special.”

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