Enjoy winter golf and cool mornings on the course with a rechargeable hand warmer, just $9
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Enjoy winter golf and cool mornings on the course with a rechargeable hand warmer, just $9

If you're like me, you don't let a little cold weather stop you from playing golf 12 months of the year (unless there's snow on the ground).

Typically, it has to be at least 45 degrees for me to play golf in the winter months. That means wearing a beanie and dressing with the right layers. It can also mean cold hands. I don't like wearing golf mittens, so my hands are in my pockets a lot when I play in the winter and on those cool spring mornings.

Why not have hand warmers in your pockets that can keep you warm and give you confidence in your grip?

Most hand warmers are disposable, and they use a chemical reaction to produce heat. They work once, and then you throw them away.

However, this handwarmer on Amazon is actually rechargeable, so you can use it, charge it and get back on the course with it next time. It heats up to about 132 degrees Fahrenheit, has double-sided heating so both of your hands can get warm at once and has an ergonomic matte design to fit the shape of your hands. It’s $9 with promo code ZH55L9Y8.

Winter golf can be tough on the hands, particularly when those poor shots sting even more than usual. Make it as pleasant of an experience as possible and enjoy those wide-open spaces.

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